Monday, 29 August 2011

Jolly Jumper with the sniffles...

Hi Dolls,

There are sniffles in our house again. I was supposed to book Piper in for her needles but had to postpone because my poor little chicken wing went and got herself another cold and gave it to me while she was at it. At least I can't say that she doesn't share!

Piper tried out her jolly jumper for the first time this week. She loves it and could not get enough of bouncing and spinning around! If you have a baby you have to get one of these. They are so much fun - for the both of us!
She has also been using her Bumbo a little more. It's so cute and she looks so grown up sitting up in her Bumbo and bouncing around in her jolly jumper.

We also finally got a door gate. We went to put it up and guess what... too big. So we will have to take it back now and get a new one.

A couple of weeks ago we went to Robert Gordon Pottery in Pakenham. That place has the most amazing things. I know that Piper's first birthday isn't until April next year, but I couldn't help myself. I picked up invitations, cupcake patty pans, party hats, lolly bags and heaps of other stuff all in the same theme. They had heaps of different themes you could use for birthdays, parties, hens/kitchen tea, high tea, baby showers... the list goes on. They had beautiful crockery and a huge collection of tea pots. They had these cute ceramic milk bottles that I'm going to get next time I'm there. I thought I could put some balloons with sticks attached in them and place them on the table to decorate the party a bit.
Also on the agenda this week is fathers day - this Sunday. I have Piper's daddy sorted and will be able to reveal all next week. I have been racking my brain for my Dad and my husband's Dad though. I have no idea. What are you getting the Daddy's in your life? More socks? It reminds me of the little father's day stalls at school and the presents we bought for our Dad's that we thought were so good. We just couldn't wait to give them to our Daddies on their special day.

On a sad note, I'd like to send my condolences to Jarrad McVeigh and his family on the loss of their baby girl Luella who was born with heart complications.

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