Friday, 12 August 2011

The man chair - do you know it?

Hi Dolls,

This week has been so cold and I've had the heater blasting non-stop. I'm not looking forward to our gas and electricity bills that's for sure.

Our tax money has finally appeared in our account so I can now officially shop - delighted! I went shopping with my husband the other day and it really is a totally different experience when you are shopping with the boys. I don't want to generalise, but most guys, when they shop are on a mission. They know what they want and they just go in and get it. No browsing, no window shopping and no thinking about it. They go in, try a heap of stuff on if your lucky (sometimes they don't try it on and make you take it back another time because it's not right) and spend the big bucks all at once. I end up layering mountains of clothes in my husbands arms with things I think he would like, things I like and things I think would look great but not sure if he would actually go for but am trying to push my luck anyway. They never believe that some things look better on compared to just on the rack. It is actually a bit exciting shopping this way. They don't just pick up a top or a pair of shoes every few weeks, they get the works and get it done once, maybe twice a year. You can tell when they have been dragged along by their partners and are not shopping for themselves. They are sulking and sitting on what I like to call the 'man chair'. You know the one, it's the lone chair just outside the change rooms where the girls leave their shopping companions to sit and wait patiently while they try on a million things and come out for a suitably flattering statement about what they have tried on. Let's face it, we never come out with something that we don't actually like, those things we just call out and say that it just didn't fit right, not the truth where it actually didn't fit at all. God forbid we ask the boys to get us the next size up! So shopping with my husband wasn't too bad after all and he picked up some jeans, a couple of T-shirts, a hoodie and a jacket. He looked very spunky in all his new gear.

I went shopping with my Mum yesterday and we wondered into Williams where I discovered the boots I got last week come in tan! They also had 50% off the second pair of shoes and I could not leave without this other pair as well. The best part was that my Mum shouted them for me as an early birthday present. I know my birthday isn't until the end of September, but they are going on holidays for over a month and won't be here for my birthday so I get to have them now! I love my birthday! The tan pair were $140 and the other pair were $70 discounted to $50 with 50% off. So I ended up getting them for just $25!

During my shopping adventures I obviously had to visit the baby change areas. I have been to quite a few now in the three-and-a-half months Piper has been around. I know the nice ones in each of the shopping centres and which ones to avoid. Unfortunately you can't always avoid the weird people who frequent them. Of course I have met some lovely people there, it's just what you do when you are changing and feeding your baby. You chat to the other Mums, friends, grandparents and siblings. You coo at their babies, ask how old and what their name is and then tell them how adorable they are. You obviously expect this in return! I also see a lot of people with the same pram. I have an apple iCandy. I absolutely love it and would recommend it to anyone! Whenever this happens we both check out each others pram and and say ooo, do you love it!? The answer is always yes! I have the black one, but you can buy attachments to make it different colours. I reeeealllyyyy want the purple, I hope my husband is reading this and sees how good the purple looks! Hint Hint! There is a LOT of traffic coming in and out of the baby change area. I once saw a line of people wait for the toilet where you can take your pram and the rest of your life in with you for what seemed an age only to discover that it was empty the whole time and it just looked like it was locked. Another time, I saw a women hold her two year old's bottom half under the tap of the sink to wash her. Seriously, I would have given you a wipe if I knew you had run out. Or you could just pay the 2 bucks for a nappy that comes with wipes. I would have been so embarrassed! So note to everyone, best not use the sinks in these places!

We got the new incubus album this week and I have had it playing in the car non-stop. I really like it and can't wait until they come out again. I'm thinking date night with the husband for that one!

I also got stuck  in Lincraft this week. Not literally, but I did spend a lot of time in there sorting through all the fabrics, felts, lace and elastics. I decided to get a bit creative and I made some super cute headbands that go with all of Piper's little outfits. I am really enjoying it too! I will show you what I have been up to in the next few weeks.

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