Monday, 22 August 2011

How to: Newspaper Nails

Hi Dolls,

For the life of me, I can't remember where I saw this, but thought I would give it a shot anyway.
I think they look super hot. My sister and I had a go yesterday and here's how we did them.

Rubbing alcohol or vodka
Base coat nail polish
Light coloured Nail Polish
Top coat nail polish

- Pour some rubbing alcohol or vodka into a bowl. Just enough to be able to dip your nails in.
- Grab your newspaper and cut out 10 strips. I chose my horoscope and an article from the style section of the newspaper. You could also use recipes, cartoons or even crosswords.
- Apply base coat.
- Once base coat is dry apply your nail polish.
- Once your nail polish has completely dried, dip one nail into the bowl of rubbing alcohol for about 20 seconds.
- Apply the newspaper onto your nail and press down for another 20 seconds. I found it helped to add more rubbing alcohol on top of the newspaper.
- Carefully peel off the newspaper and the print should have transferred from the newspaper onto your nail.
- Wait for the print to dry then apply your top coat.

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