Thursday, 13 October 2011

Roly Poly!

Hi Dolls,

Sooo… Piper rolled from her back to her tummy this week! Eeeee…. Just a little bit excited and so damn proud of my little pumpkin! She has been on a roll (literally!) ever since! As soon as we put her down now she is rolling from her back to her tummy and back again grabbing and playing with her (many thousands of) toys. We've also been having fun dressing up and having photo shoots in baskets - Watch out Anne Geddes!Nothing can stop her now, she’s growing up so quickly! Before you know it I’ll be back at work - luckily enough to be going back only part-time. As much as I can’t wait for all the different stages she is about to go through (walking and talking etc.) it will mean that I'll have to be back at the office and that I’ll be missing out on every single moment with her. Anyway, I’m making the most of now until my maternity leave is up.

I haven’t updated since before my birthday really. So here goes….

The girls and I got together to try and plan a surprise baby shower for my bestie. She is due next month and didn’t want to have a baby shower. My first thought was, why!? I guess it’s a bummer not being able to celebrate with some bubbly or a bit of kabana and cheese but that just wouldn’t do for us. I understand not wanting a big fuss, but it’s a really big deal to be having a baby and we had to celebrate it in some way. A friend suggested having a lunch at a local restaurant with just the girls so it wasn’t a huge gathering, just an intimate celebration with her closest girlfriends. So I invited the mum-to-be out for lunch with the girls in the disguise of a lunch for my birthday. I know, I’m that good of a friend, I gave up my birthday for her! So I picked her up and we arrived fashionably late to a table decked out with balloons and presents. When I dropped the mum-to-be home and finished unpacking the car with all her surprise pressies, I said to her, I bet you didn’t think you would be bringing home this mountain of baby presents! It was a lovely lunch and I think we pulled off the surprise for her!

So, for my actual birthday, my husband took Piper and I out for breakie. We went to my favourite breakfast spot – Mocha Jo’s. It’s in Glen Waverley and it is amazing. The food and the atmosphere are fabulous. My go-to breakie meal without a doubt (I get the same thing every single time) is poached eggs on ciabatta bread with smoked salmon and avocado. Delicious! We then went into The Glen shopping centre for a spot of shopping and got our wedding rings cleaned at the jeweler we purchased them from. He cleans them for free and they look brand new again. I get all my jewellery from there now – KT Jewellers. He is lovely and has some beautiful pieces. He will even design from scratch to suit your budget. We then hit up Chadstone shopping centre and I scored a new hair curler. It’s a Babyliss Pro 25mm ceramic curling iron from Hairhouse Warehouse. I will do a separate blog on this baby very soon. It is awesome and I think I’m finally starting to get the hang of it without burning myself! Seriously, I have a ripper of a burn on my hand - ouch! I also managed to get some bobby pins thrown in. Can’t go past a good set of bobby pins. These ones actually hold and stay put. They were around $15 for 999! They always go missing, but this will take a while for that to happen now! We also visited Ferguson Plarre and picked up my birthday cake! A strawberry cheesecake. I had been drooling over it for weeks and couldn’t just buy it for nothing, right?... Right! So I waited for my birthday and it was well worth the wait – it was yuuuummy! Make sure you try the custard tart and chocolate éclair too… I heard they are amazingly scrumptious….! The family came over for a BBQ the night of my birthday and I was showered with gifts and money to go shopping (!) for some more gifts! My sister got me some gorgeous body shop sparkly body lotion and a beautiful silver necklace with my name cut out alà Carrie Bradshaw.

I updated you all on my sister-in-law’s and new brother-in-law’s wedding last week, but I forgot to show you Piper’s outfit from the store we shall not name. I think it’s just too adorable to not give Piper and her outfit a mention!

Last week we also had to say goodbye to a beautiful member of our family. The gorgeous silky terrier Phoebe who grew up with my husbands family. I know you are in a better place now little baggarty chicken… RIP…

Until next time lovelies…

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