Friday, 23 September 2011

Royal eyeliner... fail!

Hi Dolls,

Let me get this straight, I quite like the royal family. I mean, I remember princess Diana's wedding and I was there on the couch with a cuppa and a block of chocolate with a billion million other people for Kate and Wills' wedding - just waiting to catch a glimpse of what she was wearing. But... what is with the eyeliner? Heavy handed or what? I've thought this for a while now and thought it might get better, but it hasn't. It's just too harsh and she needs to relax! I commend PK for still doing her own makeup - it looks fantastic, she obviously knows what she's doing and what suits her... except for her eyeliner!

What do you think? Does Kate wear too much eyeliner and should she tone it down a little bit or do you like this look?

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