Friday, 23 September 2011

Early birthday dollars well spent...

Hi Dolls,

How beautiful have the last few days been!? I've even been able to catch up on my gigantic basket of washing. Speaking of washing, I even washed the inside of my washing machine. I have never done that before, and you could tell - Eek! To be honest I didn't even know that it needed cleaning. The thing washes, right? I thought it would just wash itself! Anyway, it's sparkling now!

My husband goes for Carlton in the footy (AFL). I am a Collingwood supporter (match made in heaven right!?). I don't follow the football as much as I used to (possibly because my husband coaches and has a game and two nights of training every single week as well as his AFL team and by the end of the season I am over it!) so our daughter is going to go for the blues too. I figure he loves his footy and he will be the one to take her to the games (very noble of me isn't it!). Her little footy jumper fits her much better now. This was actually the first thing we bought our little munchkin and was how we announced that I was pregnant to our families!

It's my birthday tomorrow and I can't wait to go out for breakie with my husband and little girl, followed by a spot of shopping. We haven't gone out for breakie in ages, so I'm really looking forward to it! I hope I also get a nice card... I'm totally not hinting... I'm also having the family over tomorrow night to celebrate so it should be fun! I got a bit of early birthday shopping money so went off to DFO last night with my husband and Piper. Our first mission was to find my husband a suit for his sister's wedding next week. Only a man would leave it so last minute - obviously my outfit and Piper's outfit were sorted ages ago. We ended up back at good old Fountain Gate in the end and got a suit from Man to Man and I must say he does look pretty spunky. It was quite reasonable too, I just can't justify spending thousands on a suit that is worn rarely. Hopefully I will have some pics soon after the wedding next week. We also strolled past Ruby shoes while we were at DFO and had a little looksie. I got these awesome boots (the picture really doesn't do them justice) and some cute pink flats.The boots were only $20 and the flats were $5! Total bargain, how could I say no? These are still at Cotton On and Ruby shoes stores for full price so I was wrapped! I bet my sister isn't when she reads this because she paid full price the other day! Hehe...

I also picked up a few casual tops from Susanne Gray and a couple of cardies from Katies. I got this cute bag at Katies. It was 25% off the sale price and I ended up only paying $11 for it!

My mother-in-law picked up a couple of super cute Lonsdale jackets for Piper from Rebel Sport. They were originally $50 each but picked them up for $10 each.

I am also loving best & Less at the moment for baby & kids clothing & accessories. Piper has been so spoilt! I got this top and dress for $5 each among numerous other things. I was a bit naughty, but nevermind - I definitely have a well dressed baby.

I took this pic a few nights ago and thought I would share with you. This is from our video monitor. As well as being a total time waster (I could sit there and watch her sleeping all night) it is super handy. Sometimes, she makes noises in her sleep and when you go into her room she can wake up. With the video monitor you can just check it and see if they are unsettled. If they are, you can go in and check on them, but if not you don't have to disturb them. My sister-in-laws got us this and it is great value.

 Until next week, stay safe!

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