Friday, 2 December 2011

My Top 5: Sites

Hi Dolls,

If you ask my husband, he would tell you that I am always on the Internet. These are my top 5 sites that I visit all the time. They can keep me entertained for hours on end.

1. - This is an obvious one.... this site is so rad, you should tell all your friends and family about it... even randoms at the shops if you like!
2. - This is another obvious one. I could possibly be addicted...

3. - I can spend hours and hours on this site. It gives me lots of inspiration and crafty ideas. It also gives me a few laughs! If you're not already a member, let me know and I can invite you. I've really got to stop telling people about this... I would like to keep up the illusion of being a creative genious!
4. - A site full of beautiful hand-made pieces of love!

5. - I love browsing through the pages of eBay trying to snap up a bargain - and I almost always do!

There are plenty more but we would probably be here all day, and anyway I've got some more browsing to do!

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