Sunday, 10 July 2011

Something for Me...

Hi Dolls!

Some of you may be new to my blog and some of you may have followed me here from my old wordpress blog. I hadn’t updated my wordpress blog in so long, so I decided to start again here from scratch. I guess it’s kind of like a blog re-launch!
So, to my new readers and those who have just stumbled across my blog – welcome to my life on the road to fabulous! -  And to my loyal readers who have followed me over the last few years – thanks for your loyalty and patience!

My blog is basically about my random thoughts and views on anything and everything in my life. It is about my own personal style and the things in my life that I think are a little bit fabulous. Whether it is family, makeup, beauty, handbags, fashion, shoes, books, restaurants, recipes or just a good old fashioned ‘vent’, you will find it here!
Well, a lot has happened since my last blog post. The main reason I stopped blogging was because my work blocked my site. I used to update from work as I had no internet connection at home. With no internet at home, I just couldn’t find the time or the resources to make it happen. At around the same time, I also fell pregnant and felt pretty awful for the first month or so, hence my blog was neglected.

…That’s right, I was pregnant and am now a mummy (!) and have an 11 week old beautiful baby girl who is the light of my life, the sparkle in my eye, the sequin of my world! My husband and I are absolutely in love and cannot imagine ever being without her!

The main reason I decided to start this blog again was to have a hobby. Something that was mine. Something I could do just for me. My husband loves the football – obsessed really is a better description for his love of the game. He coaches a junior footy team and goes regularly to watch the local team he follows. He also has an insanely loud drum kit and can happily bang away on it for hours. It is his little bit of freedom, something he loves and I love that he loves it… But I found myself sitting at home a few weeks ago thinking about how I don’t really have a hobby of my own. My daily routine mainly consisted of feeding, sleeping, nappy changes, sterilizing, cleaning, washing, house work, more feeding, more nappy changing, occasionally venturing out to the shops, entertaining visitors, playing and singing with my baby girl and trying anything and everything for just one more smile! (It’s amazing what we will try for another one of those melt-your-heart smiles – let alone a giggle!)
My only hobby I could remember having and deeply missed was shopping, and now on one wage whilst on maternity leave, shopping is a major luxury, one which is now just a distant memory. Sigh… I also love to read. I will read anything with a happy ending. I like the predictable story of boy meets girl, they have a fight but makeup because they are meant to be – soulmates - and everyone lives happily ever after. (Awww!) Why read something that doesn’t end like that? But seriously, who has time to read now?! I just never have the time anymore.
I’m certainly not complaining. I absolutely love being a mummy. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I could hold her in my arms all day and just look at her. She is just gorgeous and I am so lucky to have her. I also now have someone to pass my beloved Chanel bag down to one day... probably when I get another one! I say this in the hope that I will one day get another one, although my husband probably has a very different idea to this, which is, well… that’s never going to happen!
So, back to my lack of a hobby… a friend recently started her own blog and business which I will be sure to plug away in a future post, when I suddenly remembered… I do have another hobby - my blog! So here I am making a promise to myself to make time for myself and my re-discovered hobby.

I was having a look through the archives of my old blog and I have decided to post a few of my favourites from time to time – they are oldies but goodies! Hopefully the newbies who are now reading my blog will get to know me a little better.

Well, that’s it for me… for now. I promise I won’t leave it too long between posts this time!

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