Friday, 22 July 2011

Rhubarb and my week so far…

Hi Dolls,

This week has been another busy one – visiting some of the grandparents and a lovely outing at the shops among numerous other bits and pieces.

Piper spent her first night in the cot in her own room last night. She had been napping in her cot during the day in the hope of a smooth transition to her overnight sleeps. Daddy and I weren't quite ready for her to be on her own at night, but she has grown out of the basinet which we kept in our room and we no longer have a choice but to let her sleep on her own in her own room. She went pretty well, but did wake up a few times. So fingers crossed tonight goes a bit better.

This week’s highlight was a shopping expedition at Chadstone Shopping Centre with Piper, my sister-in-law and two nephews. One of the little darlings had a play with the scissors last week and cut himself a nice little bald patch in the front of his hair. A quick trip to the hairdressers and well… it doesn’t really look too bad now… but it’ll be good once it grows back!

So, imagine my delight when I realized there are still sales happening! Then I remembered that I’m still on one wage (bummer) but quickly countered that with the thought of layby (woohoo!). I had a look at a few things in Target before the toy sale started (which started Wednesday midnight by the way) and was very practical for once… and no – I’m not justifying silly purchases that I didn’t really need. Although I do very much think that this is a fantastic skill I have acquired in all my experience and years of shopping. If you want to go shopping with me, be sure to want to buy, buy, buy, because I really can justify any purchase. Alas, the guilt overwhelmed me and my many wanted purchases, so I stuck to just buying a latch thingy-ma-jiggy that will allow the new car seat to go in the car and stay put. I don’t even need to justify that one – there is a first for everything!

We went past a kid’s clothing shop called Rhubarb. Oh my god, this shop is amazing! The sales were spectacular. My sister-in-law stocked up on a few bits and pieces for next winter for her kids and I lusted after pretty much the entire store. Our families and friends have been so generous, loading Piper full of absolutely gorgeous and wonderful gifts. While I wasn’t looking, my sister-in-law picked up this fabulous growth chart from Rhubarb that I was eyeing off for Piper. It was only $15, down from $40 (see saving more than what it was bought for, bargain - see what I did there, I told you I can justify any purchase!). It is super cute and will be put up this weekend by my husband… when I ask him. Pumpkin, if you are reading this, pretty please put this up on the back of Piper’s door. Not sure if I like my chances, I think it’s hilarious but he hates it when I call him pumpkin or any other name for that matter. E.g.: Shnookums, Muffin, sweet-cakes etc.

In a few weeks, it is my sister-in-law’s 30th Birthday! Dirrty 30! Ha, I just like saying that. She is taking a few of us to a Winery for lunch and I am beyond super excited! So for the next few weeks I need to get myself into training and start drinking so I can keep up. I am not a big drinker at all, a light-weight at best and seeing as I was pregnant not too long ago I haven’t had a drink for at least… hmm… probably a year and a half. So it’s been a long time between drinks and if I don’t want to be snoring under the table halfway through lunch – which I don’t (and I totally don’t snore, no matter what my husband might say!) – I need to pace myself. My problem is I get a bit excited and go too early, too quickly. I also don’t love alcohol all that much so I knock it back and mix it up to trick my taste buds. I think it’s a great idea to begin with, but mixing drinks just really isn’t a great mix.

My other challenge this week is to try and get myself into some sort of a routine. For Piper and myself. The sleep, eat, play routine with a bit of tummy time thrown in which is a nightmare because she absolutely hates tummy time. Wish me luck!

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